Asian-American merchants being targeted by extortionists

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni have played the loved-up couple for the cameras.
Hundreds of Asian-American business owners have been threatened with death if they don’t send money to extortionists phoning from China.

He, dressed in an immaculate suit and with a folder under his arm, tells her he is hot and sweaty after working out — she wipes the sweat away from his face and pats his bottom, saying how lovely it is to see him. If this was a Mills & Boon novel it would be time for some romantic action in front of the fireplace, however, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, are surrounded by a room full of journalists. Sarkozy’s apparently spontaneous visit to say hello to his musician and model wife while she was being interview by journalists from a French magazine last week has become an Internet sensation. In the video, if you can stomach watching all of it, Bruni and Sarkozy touch each other continuously during his two-minute visit. She calls him mon petit chou chou (my little sweetheart) and they stare adoringly into each others eyes. Watch the couple in action He talks briefly about being busy as the couple’s golden labrador and a smaller dog merrily wag their tails and then he is off — just as spontaneously as he arrived. Bruni and Sarkozy married on February 2 last year after only dating for 11 weeks. They have courted the press throughout their relationship, a big change for French presidents who have traditionally kept their love lives locked well behind the Elysée Palace’s doors.