Album review: Damage – Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World

The twentysomething (as in that’s how long Jimmy Eat World have been around) musings of “Jimmy” Adkins offer a sometimes refreshing and reflective window on the trouble with relationships.

As he recently told Rolling Stone magazine: “I’m 37 and the world around me is a lot different than when I was writing break-up songs in my 20s. I tried to reflect that in what the lyrics are”.

Well, for the most part, things are still falling apart in his world (at least lyrically) but he still has that uncanny knack of pouring his feelings into a rousing chorus and melody that give songs such as Bybyelove, Appreciation and I Will Steal You Back a hook to hang your heart on.

The indie pop sensibilities are intact despite the damage that lurks beneath the surface.

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