Actor Matt Damon Shaves Head for Movie Role


Matt Damon shaves head for new role.


Matt Damon wasn’t shy to mix his look up a little for a new role. Damon has shaved his head for the 2013 SciFi film ‘Elysium’. 


Damon Grabs a Cup of Coffee and Shows Off His New Look 

The movie star stepped out for coffee in New York yesterday with just stubble on his head – after he was ordered to take a razor to his bonce for his role in sci-fi film Elysium.


A Rugged Ex-Con in The District 9 Follow Up 

Matt, 42, will play a rugged ex-con in the film – director Neill Blomkamp’s follow-up to District 9.

Set 150 years in the future, the population is split between the wealthy, who have escaped to a luxurious man-made space station, and the lower classes, who live in squalor on an over-populated, “ruined” earth.

Matt’s character takes on a mission to escape to the space station – which brings him up against Jodie Foster’s character, a strict government official determined to keep the undeserving away.

The film is due for release next summer – and if it’s anywhere near as successful as District 9 it’ll set the box office alight.

Blomkamp’s 2009 film about an alien colony on earth won four Oscar nominations and earned £130 million worldwide.



Another Bald Role for Damon 


It may hide his movie star good looks, but Matt’s bald head is giving him a career boost.

It’s helped him land a role in another futuristic film – Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem.

The film stars Christoph Waltz as a mad computer genius striving to discover the reason for human existence.

Matt only has a small role in the film – but his skinhead look inspired Gilliam to cast him.

He revealed: “Because the story takes place in the future, he had a specific look that he wanted.

“He said, ‘Actually we can take advantage of the fact that you’re bald and really do something, present you in a way you’ve never been seen before.'”